SCA stops PM5 at Ortviken paper mill

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Wednesday January 20, 2021, the last roll of paper was produced on SCA’s paper machine 5 at Ortviken paper mill in Sundsvall.

PM5 produced uncoated publication paper for newpapers, magazines and commercial print and had a capacity of 255,000 tonnes per annum. The paper machine started production in the year 1985. PM5 will now be dismantled in order to make room for the company Renewcell and its recycling of textile fibre, which is expected to come on stream on the Ortviken site in 2022.

As previously announced, the remaining two paper machines at the Ortviken paper mill will stop production during the first quarter of 2021, as SCA ceases to produce publication paper.

For further information, please contact:

Björn Lyngfelt, SVP Communications, +46 70 626 82 23