Scan Global Logistics opens fashion and retail hub in Myanmar

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We follow our customers into various emerging markets and thus we are pleased to announce that we have opened an office in Myanmar. Our team of dedicated and professional colleagues are already taking good care of our fashion and retail customers. Our local presence ensures that we can protect the interest of our customers and quickly react to unexpected changes and challenges that always exist in such markets like Myanmar.

Torben Nybo Jensen, Regional Director of Business Development, Asia says:

Customer demand has dictated that we need to establish own representation in Myanmar even though we are already highly represented in the South East Asian countries. Our European Fast Fashion customers are increasingly shifting manufacturing from China into countries such as Myanmar, and with the on-going Sino-US trade tension, also many US based fashion & retail brands are now showing an interest in this market.”

As a start, the Myanmar team is primarily handling the logistics of customers within fashion and retail; import of raw material and export of ready-made garments for delivery in the US, the Japanese and the European markets. In addition, the team is highly engaged with solutions that will help manage supply chains easier in peak seasons, and they will be offering a range of intermodal solutions as valuable alternatives to normal air and ocean freight.

Rickard Ingvarsson, Regional CEO, Asia, says:

“We are very proud of adding Myanmar to our Asian map. Myanmar is a country where things change faster than anywhere, thus our customers need flexible meanwhile predictable and reliable solutions to keep their supply chain under control. We will keep focusing on customer centric solutions in order to make the world a little less complicated for them. We have high expectations to this new and exciting operation in Myanmar”.