SOL - clarification of information published by the News media

SOL - CLARIFICATION OF INFORMATION PUBLISHED BY THE NEWS MEDIA Swedish and Norwegian news media have published information referring to an ostensible police investigation conducted against two employees of Scandinavia Online AB ("SOL" or "the Company") (OMSE:SCOL; OSE:SCO). In this context, SOL makes the following clarifications: Scandinavia Online has suspected that two employees in the Stockholm office of the Company have been involved in activities not compatible with continued employment with the Company. An internal investigation into the matter has revealed information which has lead to the termination of the employment and assignments of one employee. The matter will now be handed over to the police. The suspected activities have not affected Scandinadvia Online's operations, relations with third parties or property. There are no suspicions that sensitive information has been sold or otherwise made available to third parties. The information, published in the Swedish press, to the effect that the police has visited the offices of Scandinavia Online is not correct. Swedish and Norwegian news media have also published information referring to the ostensible involvement of a member of the Board of Directors of Scandinavia Online AB in this matter. The Company would like to emphasize that no present or past Director of the Board elected by the shareholders is in any way involved, and that there are no indications that the functions of the Board of Directors have been affected by the revealed circumstances. For further information, please contact: Sverre Munck, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Scandinavia Online AB, + 47 91 68 66 99 Birger Steen, CEO, Scandinavia Online AB, +46 709 35 28 18 Annika Söderberg, Managing Director, Scandinavia Online AB (Sweden), +46 709 26 86 58 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: