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Eva Joly- Scandinavian of the year Scanorama, the international inflight magazine of SAS, proudly presents the Scandinavian of the year, Eva Joly, and the Scanorama Awards 2002 winners. This year the Scanorama Awards is presented for the very first time in connection with the announcement of the Scandinavian of the Year. The award is comprised of six categories: Business, Culinary, Design, Entertainment, Literature and Sports. Among the candidates in these categories we have selected a Scandinavian of the Year, i.e. the Scandinavian who we consider to have been the foremost representative for Scandinavia and has had a great deal of international attention during the past year. The reason for the establishment of the prizes is that Scanorama - who celebrates its 30th anniversary this year - is the only international magazine that regularly profiles the most exciting, successful and acclaimed Scandinavians. Our ambition is for the awards to strengthen Scandinavia's profile and encourage and reward the talented Scandinavians who work in their native countries or abroad. The Scandinavian of the Year-prize is designed by Swede Jonas Torstensson, renowned for using recycled material in his art. Scandinavian of the Year: Eva Joly (Norway). Merciless and unafraid as an investigative magistrate on behalf of the French Department of Justice, she has with great success fought economic crime in France. Joly has now been seconded to her homeland as an adviser to the Norwegian Government. The motivation of the jury: "Eva Joly has with courage and skill declared war on economic crime at a high international level. The fight against corruption in all its forms is a cause that affects us all, and Eva Joly continues this work single- mindedly and in an exemplary fashion." Scanorama Awards: BUSINESS Winner: Jesper Balser and Preben Damgaard (Denmark). Born in the 1960s and leading figures in the Danish software supplier Navision, who - despite the bursting of the IT industry bubble - have managed the difficult feat of selling the business to Microsoft Business Solutions. At a time when competitors are on their knees, Balser & Damgaard raked in over 11,000 million Danish kroner this summer, stayed with the company and are sharing the CEO-ship like brothers. Runners-up: Kjell Inge Røkke (Norway). Norway's most talked-about businessman, famous for his untraditional and aggressive business profile. Took over control of the industrial conglomerate Kværner after a long drawn-out power struggle, and is daring enough to invest in north Norway's fisheries. Märtha-Louise (Norway). The Princess is this year's most courageous enterpriser. Relinquished her grant from the civil list, and started her own firm in order to be less financially dependent on the Norwegian State and Royal family. In the process she has shed her royal title - Her Royal Highness. First year in business she makes her own TV programs as well as records, writes a book together with husband Ari Behn, and goes on tour with a choir and orchestra. CULINARY: Winner: Tina Nordström (Sweden). The TV cook who has charmed all of Sweden and most of Norway with her relaxed attitude to cooking. Sells cookbooks by the truckload, and smiles just as unflaggingly at the camera as she whips up dinner after dinner. By using healthy, everyday ingredients she inspires us to prepare nutritious and tasty food. And she should be praised for this in these times of fast food. Runners-up: Rikard & Robert Nilsson (Sweden). Restaurateurs at Kattegat Gastronomi & Logi in Torekov in Skåne, South Sweden, who have been commissioned by the American NASA to develop special dishes for astronauts. Finally - Swedish meatballs in space! Terje Ness (Norway). Norwegian super-restaurateur whose Oro is one of only two Scandinavian restaurants listed in the Condé Nast Travellers' Top-50 list of the world's best restaurants. Has, what is more, been awarded the American Express Service Prize two years in a row. DESIGN Winner: Snøhetta (Norway). The firm of architects behind the new library in Alexandria, which after some delays was opened in October. A monumental building project of world-class. Conscious of its classical heritage, it combines this with Scandinavian design and craftsmanship. Snøhetta also won the competition to design the new opera house in Oslo. Runners-up: Knud Holscher (Denmark). The 72-year-old architect and professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art. The architect who has won more prizes than any other living Dane. Last year for, among others, his new wood burner and for the D-line fittings series, a world bestseller. Alex Soza (Denmark). An innovator who combines high tech and fashion design in a revolutionary new way. The weightless jacket which regulates heat/cold according to body temperature; Corpus Supra Evolution, a garment that increases the human lifting ability; Dead Man Walking, a line of casual wear shot through by a Swedish hunter. "Many people are pacified and immune to violence. I want the garments to wake them up." ENTERTAINMENT Winner: Robert Wells (Sweden). A self-promoting ace and a pianist who can sell out the entire Royal Albert Hall with his touring Rhapsody in Rock. In 2002 Wells becomes Scandinavia's most international artist: shows in London's West End, invited to a great charity gala in Washington and appearing at a concert in Shanghai, negotiates with the Hotel Rio in Las Vegas and receives an offer to play himself in a new TV series in China, where a musicschool has been named after him. Runners-up: Lukas Moodysson (Sweden). He has an unbeatable freshness and compassion especially when depicting the lives of young people. Has had great international attention for Fucking Åmål, Together and his latest film Lilja 4-ever was the great conversation piece at the Venice 2002 film festival, and he is now on his way out into the world. Silje Nergaard (Norway). Has enjoyed amazing success, both critically and by expanding her international boundaries. She has been the only Norwegian artist to enter the pop charts at no. 1 with a jazz album and has received a Platinum Award for sales. LITERATURE Winner: Liza Marklund (Sweden). Has shot up to fifth place in the list of world best-selling Swedish writers. Her new detective novel Prime Time is the first book in Sweden to be launched with the aid of TV ads. Has sold 4.7 million books, been translated into 20 languages and published in 110 countries. Runners-up: Margit Sandemo (Norway). In the news with De svarta riddarna ('The Black Knights'). Has sold 35 million books, translated into Swedish, Danish, Polish, Finnish and German. The lady is a cult in all ways and continues, with head held high, to stand outside the literary establishment. Hanne-Vibeke Holst (Denmark). Bestselling writer, praised in her home country for her books about the TV reporter Therese Skårup and for the autobiography Min mosters migræne ("My aunt's migraine"). Combative feminist and journalist who this year has published the book Kronprinsessen ("The Crown Princess"). Has sold 340,000 books in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland and Latvia. SPORTS Winner: Tom Kristensen (Denmark). No other motor race is as surrounded in myth as Le Mans in France. And no other driver has previously won the race three years in a row. But Kristensen secured his hat-trick in June and his fourth win overall. "A real dream came true," he said after the 24-hour race. You don't say! Runners-up: Annika Sörenstam (Sweden). Best golfer of 2002, better even than Tiger Woods. No one seems to be able to stop this totally focused Swedish girl on her way towards world mastery. Supplied the coolest quote of the year in Scanorama, on the subject of the pressure on her to show her emotions on the course and to be an example for young girls: "We have a lot of players who are charismatic; they could try to help out too. By, for example, playing better golf" Ole Einar Bjørndalen (Norway). The cocky freestyle skier Kari Traa admittedly grabbed the first gold at this year's Winter Olympics and posed almost naked on the cover of the Norwegian magazine Ultra Sport. But her fellow countryman and biathlete Bjørndalen won a total of four gold medals in Salt Lake City, and still kept his clothes on. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS AND RUNNERS-UP! The jury has consisted of Thomas Sjöberg (Scanorama), Wanda Widerøe (SAS Magasinet Norway), Magnus Lindvall (SAS Magasinet Sweden) and Ulla Plon (SAS Magasinet Denmark). The choice has been made by each respective editor on the basis of nominations from readers and contributors to the magazines. For further information, please contact Thomas Sjöberg, Scanorama, at: Tel: +46 8 797 03 72 Gävlegatan 16 S-113 30 Stockholm SWEDEN awards@sasmedia.se SAS CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2003/08/01/20030801BIT01200/wkr0001.doc http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2003/08/01/20030801BIT01200/wkr0002.pdf