SAS reduces prices for student tickets

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SAS reduces prices for student tickets On September 3, Scandinavian Airlines is reducing the prices for booked student tickets within Sweden. Students over 25 years of age will then be offered the same ticket prices and rebooking possibilities as for Scandinavian Airlines' youth rates. In addition, if the domestic flight is booked via Scandinavian Airlines website,, further price reductions are offered. Price examples include taxes and fees when booking via the website (SEK): Old price New price Stockholm roundtrip to Luleå 1,130 740 Umeå 1,090 660 Göteborg 1,080 660 Malmö 1,095 660 The tickets may be booked as late as the day prior to departure and are also transferable to and including the day prior to departure. The tickets are valid for one year. Scandinavian Airlines student tickets can only be purchased by those studying full-time and who hold a valid CSN, Mecenat or Student card applicable for the autumn term 2002. Travel ticketless with e-ticket Concurrently with Scandinavian Airlines strongly urging customers to book at sales for ticketless travel are rising. "Our customers have quickly realized that it is convenient to travel ticketless. They save time and avoid the administrative fees linked to a paper ticket. Currently, about 70% of the students travel ticketless compared with just 25% a year earlier," says Johan Åhlén, project leader at Scandinavian Airlines' marketing department. Travelling ticketless is simple. When booking, the customer provides the number of his/her credit card, payment card or Eurobonus card, which is later swiped through an automatic ticket machine at the airport. For further information, contact Johan Åhlén, SAS +46-070-997 27 72 SAS CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: