New SCN Partner to Fund US Marketing of CUUR

Scandinavian Clinical Nutrition AB (SCN) has entered into an agreement with the American company The Neutraceutical Company, LLC (TNC) regarding an advertising campaign for the weight control product CUUR in USA.

As recently communicated, SCN has switched strategy regarding marketing in USA and other countries. In accordance with this strategy change, SCN now enters into an agreement where a new, experienced marketing partner assumes the marketing investment and risk for CUUR marketing campaigns.

The Neutraceutical Company, LLC (TNC) is a leading American wellness enrichment company focused on providing nutritionally-focused products and information of the highest quality.

TNC was attracted to SCN by the previous US marketing and the clinical studies behind CUUR, and the two companies have signed a definitive agreement establishing a profit sharing relationship, which applies to the direct to consumer, multi-channel marketing of CUUR on a national level for an initial four-month test period. Upon the successful completion of the test period, TNC will generate an ongoing, nationwide marketing campaign.

“We very much like what SCN stands for, their level of innovation and their scientific approach to the products they are developing. Our goal here is to grow CUUR sales through direct response marketing, which should also subsequently boost sales at retail. We see this as the first step in a long-term relationship with SCN, and an opportunity to potentially market new, clinically tested products from SCN’s product portfolio. We anticipate a very lucrative partnership, starting with the CUUR product and expanding the relationship over time”, says Jerry Stone, Managing Member of TNC.

SCN will remain responsible for the manufacturing of CUUR, while TNC will assume all marketing and fully fund advertising costs. This arrangement requires minimal investment from SCN, thereby also virtually eliminating the risk for SCN. In exchange, TNC will earn the majority percentage of revenue from profits of CUUR sales via direct-to-consumer marketing efforts, as well as a portion of future retail sales. TNC has been granted exclusive direct response marketing rights in all of North America for CUUR.

“We are happy to see that our US marketing and advertising efforts – and our mission to bring clinically proven, effective products to the market – has attracted such a strong, well-funded partner with significant, successful marketing expertise. We are very optimistic in regard to the revenue potential for CUUR and other SCN brands we hope to launch in the US”, said Gwen Kent, President of SCN’s US subsidiary SCN USA, LLC.

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Scandinavian Clinical Nutrition AB (publ) works in R&D and distribution of clinically tested, scientifically documented products within the field of nutrition (nutraceuticals). Established in 2006, SCN maintains a product portfolio with established trademarks, such as CUUR, Coldizin, Immulina, Membra7 and Ledactin. Core competence and strategic alliances, within both R&D and sales, in combination with innovative and clinically proven products, create good conditions for profitable growth both in Sweden and internationally. The shares of SCN are traded under the ticker “SCN” on Oslo Axess ( and NGM Equity ( For more information, please visit

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