Eco-friendly rubber with recycled carbon black now in Volvo production

Commercial breakthrough for Swedish environmental company Enviro

Volvo Car Corporation (Volvo Cars) has approved the use of Enviro's recycled carbon black chassis plugs that AnVa Polytech supplies the car manufacturer. Volvo’s chassis plugs will be made from environmental rubber based on 100 percent recycled carbon black.

“This is a very important and major step forward for Enviro. The approval follows a very long test process that clearly showed our material functions as an excellent substitute for virgin carbon black. And of course, the fact that Volvo Cars – a world-leading automotive company – arrived at this conclusion is of major significance," says Martin Hagbyhn, Enviro’s CEO.

Carbon black is a commercial carbon powder that constitutes around one third of the ingredients in a rubber tyre recipe and it controls significant characteristics in the material such as durability and tensile strength. Enviro's recycled carbon black means a carbon dioxide reduction above 60 percent compared to the use of virgin carbon black.

"Our goal is to fully launch this technology onto the market and in doing so make the rubber industry more environmentally sustainable. The fact that Volvo Cars is now adopting environmental rubber that uses our recycled carbon black in its production is a major commercial breakthrough.”

The approval is the result of a great number of material tests. The tests verify that the products based on recycled carbon black meet Volvo's technical standards.

“This is a significant commercial breakthrough and it will open up a very large market for us. We are in contact with a number of major rubber manufacturers, and now that we’ve clearly verified that recycled carbon black meets Volvo Car's stringent quality standards, we're counting on even greater demand as more companies will follow Volvo car's lead and contribute to a sustainable rubber industry,” says Martin Hagbyhn, Enviro’s CEO.

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Stig-Arne Blom, Board Chairman, tel:+46 (0)705-25 16 15,

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Enviro is an environmental company that offers profitable recycling of tyres as well as refined materials to the rubber industry. The company sells full-scale recycling plants to industrial investors and operates its own plant for tyre waste in Åsensbruk, Sweden. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Enviro has 20 employees and is listed on Nasdaq First North with Erik Penser as Certified Advisor.


About Us

Enviro is a company developing, building and operating industrial plants for material recovery from End of Life Tyres (ELT). The company has developed a process, based on a patented technology, where gas generated in the process is heating the tyres in absence of oxygen. This enables the materials in the tyres to decompose and be recovered instead of incinerated. Thus, a sustainable recovery of the resources Carbon black, Oil, Steel and Gas is obtained. The products are used in new products, replacing fossil resources to help the customers reach their sustainability targets. Enviro was founded in 2001, has its head office in Gothenburg and runs its own plant for ELT tyres in Åsensbruk, Sweden. The company is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market with Mangold Fondkommission AB, tel. +46 (0)8 5030 1550,, as its Certified Advisor.





The fact that Volvo Cars is now adopting environmental rubber that uses our recycled carbon black in its production is a major commercial breakthrough.
Martin Hagbyhn, CEO at Scandinavian Enviro Systems.