King Carl Gustaf to visit Enviro in Åsensbruk

It's no secret that King Carl XVI Gustaf is deeply committed to the environment. On April 6th, His Majesty the King will visit Enviro’s recycling installation in Åsensbruk to see the technology that may be crucial for a circular economy within the rubber industry.

“It’s a great honour to welcome his Majesty the King to our recycling installation and show him how we work to achieve a more sustainable society," says Thomas Sörensson, CEO at Enviro.

King Carl XVI Gustaf has long been deeply committed to environmental and ecological issues. The ability to recycle tyres using Enviro's technology and thereby radically reduce oil consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, is something directly in line with His Majesty's commitment. The King's speech at the opening of Parliament in September 2015 dealt largely with the environment and climate.

The patented technology from environment and technology company Enviro is based on recycling carbon black from discarded vehicle tyres, thanks to which a circular economy within rubber manufacturing may soon be reality. Carbon black, or carbon in extremely fine powder form, is an important ingredient in rubber and can constitute up to one third of a vehicle tyre. In a report from 2010, the WWF shows that the use of recycled carbon black results in 60 per cent lower carbon dioxide emissions compared with new production carbon black.

"Considering over 1 billion vehicle tyres are discarded worldwide every year, the environmental gains from recycling tyres are enormous. We want to see recycled carbon black become a natural part of the rubber industry and we're truly looking forward to showing His Majesty our installation," says Thomas Sörensson, CEO at Enviro.

During his visit to Åsensbruk on April 6th, His Majesty will be able to study the process involved in transforming vehicle tyres into refined products. Västra Götaland’s County Governor Lars Bäckström and Enviro’s founder Bengt Sture Ershag will also be present during the royal visit. Lunch will be served in Håverud, hosted by the Chairman of the Municipal Assembly, Morgan E. Andersson.

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Enviro is an environmental company that offers profitable recycling of tyres as well as refined materials to the rubber industry. The company sells full-scale recycling plants to industrial investors and operates its own plant for tyre waste in Åsensbruk, Sweden. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Enviro has 20 employees and is listed on Nasdaq First North with Erik Penser as Certified Advisor.


About Us

Enviro is a company developing, building and operating industrial plants for material recovery from End of Life Tyres (ELT). The company has developed a process, based on a patented technology, where gas generated in the process is heating the tyres in absence of oxygen. This enables the materials in the tyres to decompose and be recovered instead of incinerated. Thus, a sustainable recovery of the resources Carbon black, Oil, Steel and Gas is obtained. The products are used in new products, replacing fossil resources to help the customers reach their sustainability targets. Enviro was founded in 2001, has its head office in Gothenburg and runs its own plant for ELT tyres in Åsensbruk, Sweden. The company is listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market with Mangold Fondkommission AB, tel. +46 (0)8 5030 1550,, as its Certified Advisor.





“It’s a great honour to welcome his Majesty the King to our recycling installation and show him how we work to achieve a more sustainable society.
Thomas Sörensson, CEO at Enviro.