New Scania bus holds innovative solutions for Swedish cross-country ski team

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Scania expands the partnership with the Swedish cross-country ski team by supporting it with a new bus, in addition to the ski-waxing trailer.

The bus has several new ergonomic and technology solutions. It also meets the demands of sustainable travel, and enables skiers and other members of the national team safe travel to ski competitions.

“At Scania, we have once again created an innovative solution with ergonomics and sustainability as main features, that will facilitate day-to-day life for the Swedish cross-country skiers. I hope this bus will be a real boost for the team this season,” says Erik Ljungberg, Senior Vice President and Head of Communications, Brand and Marketing at Scania.

Scania has developed the first bus for the ski team to improve travel, with both safety and climate impact in mind. It should also be a place for recuperation, as the bus helps skiers get more rest between competitions. Team spirit is encouraged as the athletes now travel together. The bus, which seats 12 to 14 people, is equipped with solar panels that generate 1,000 kWh annually. These are used to power to the LED-lighting and other devices. Fans to dry wet clothing are also installed.

To save on power-consuming heating, the bus is equipped with an infrared heating system, which, compared with traditional convection heaters, reduces energy requirements by 60 percent. Rather than heating indoor air, the infrared heaters keep passengers warm while also warming fabrics for added comfort in areas for medical treatments and massages. Overall, the bus is adapted for the challenges of being on the road, making it easy to rest, prepare meals or work.

“This bus is the latest in the range of transport solutions that have been developed in close cooperation with the Swedish cross-country ski team to improve the work environment for both the athletes and the rest of the team,” Ljungberg adds.

Cross-country Team Manager Lars Selin thinks the bus will be a place to gather at ski events. “The occasional hard weather conditions can drain energy from the athletes. From that perspective, the bus is invaluable, and it gives us a noticeable advantage over our competitors.”


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