Leica PowerDigger 2D Named Equipment Today Magazine’s “Contractor’s Top 50 Products”

(Norcross, Ga., 17 August 2011) Equipment Today Magazine named Leica PowerDigger 2D to its “2011 Contractor’s Top 50 Products” list. 

“Contractors will find the Top 50 Products invaluable as they consider purchases necessitated by the obsolescence or aging of existing equipment,” asserted Equipment Today editor, Becky Schultz. “To compete for bids in today’s market, contractors will need the fuel economy and efficiency provided by many of these products.”

“Receiving an award based on contractor’s feedback is a great testament to our commitment to developing best-in-class machine control products. As a contractor in today’s tough economic climate, it’s all about saving time, money, fuel, and material costs while maintaining jobsite safety, said Mike Reed, business manager – Machine Control at Leica Geosystems. “Leica PowerDigger 2D helps contractors achieve these goals,” added Reed.

Equipment Today’s 2011 Contractors’ Top 50 Products will be featured in a special section of the Sept. 2011 issue of the magazine and onForConstructionPros.com.

Leica PowerDigger 2D raises the bar in excavator guidance by reducing the need to check grade -- increasing site safety and decreasing labor costs. The system combines the engineering and grade checking processes into one step, all at the fingertips of the operator in the safety of the cab. Operators simply set up a rotating laser and work directly from the laser plane, or they just bench off a known height reference and go to work.

The Leica PowerDigger 2D system comprises of three inclinometer sensors which are attached to the boom, stick and 'dog bone' on an excavator. The three sensors use trigonometry to calculate the exact position of the bucket teeth. This simple concept allows machine operators to see the position of the excavator arm and bucket on the in-cab display in real time.

For more information about Leica PowerDigger 2D, please visit http://www.scanlaser.co.uk/en/leica-powerdigger-2d_2268.htm

About the Award
The editorial team from Equipment Today, which reaches 77,000 construction equipment owners, and the Equipment Network onForConstructionPros.com, the industry’s No. 1 construction web portal, tallied product inquiries for the last 12 months, including product introductions from the construction industry’s biggest North American trade show, CONEXPO-CON/AGG, which was held earlier this year.

Their analysis resulted in the final Equipment Today’s 2011 Contractors’ Top 50 Products, a listing of the industry’s foremost game changers. Additional information will be available in the September issue of Equipment Today and on ForConstructionPros.com.

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