We are continuously evaluating various techniques as complement to traditional methods for detecting financial market anomalies. Big Data technologies combined with cloud technologies offer new interesting possibilities for data mining.
Fredrik Lydén
We have taken most of the functionality from our market leading trading venue surveillance system, Scila Surveillance, and developed a very powerful tool for investment banks, brokerages and trading firms. Scila Compliance is highly appreciated by our customers with installed versions, and I am confident that Cinnober’s version, Cinteg, will be a success in its part of the market
Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Executive Chairman at Scila
With current, and future, regulatory pressure on market participants you need to have a powerful and user-friendly system in place to monitor for suspected market abuse as well as to protect your company from rouge traders and misbehaving HFT algos.
Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Executive Chairman at Scila
We have been interested in energy markets for some time, and it is really rewarding to reach this agreement with E-Control for its adaption under REMIT
Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Executive Chairman, Scila
We selected Scila Surveillance after a thorough procurement process where Scila Surveillance proved to be the most suitable alternative. We will have a system that not only meets our requirements from day one, but also a system that can be easily adapted to new developments in the markets
Geoff Boon, Programme Manager, Energy markets governance & REMIT, at E-Control
At Scila we are delighted to deliver our surveillance software to our first US customer, Javelin
Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Executive Chairman, Scila
Javelin operates in a new and innovative market. We find it exciting to be part of this new development, and we are confident that the flexibility and adaptability of Scila Surveillance will prove to be very efficient in this environment
Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Executive Chairman, Scila
Our priority is to implement a market surveillance system that not only meets the monitoring requirements of the SEF new regulations, but also exceeds Javelin’s own internal expectations of high levels of trading integrity to protect its customers
James Cawley, CEO of Javelin
Enabling Scila integration with Orc Trade Access without the need for extensive development efforts is great news to our customers
Martin Nilsson, Head of Product Management at Orc
Our cooperation with Orc in this matter has produced a powerful interface solution, close to plug 'n play, when choosing Scila Compliance as your monitoring tool
Fredrik Lydén, CTO at Scila
Scila Compliance is a flexible and highly efficient solution that will deliver tremendous value to the banks and brokers here in Germany. We have been working closely with Scila on their product implementation at Eurex and are very excited about this strategic partnership.
Karsten Sommer, Managing Partner, FIMAS GmbH
We have provided trading surveillance technology to Deutsche Börse Group since 2011, so it is natural for us to target the German market for our Compliance solution. FIMAS and Scila know each other well from our work at Eurex, and FIMAS will be an ideal partner in the German marketplace
Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Executive Chairman, Scila AB
We are very happy to contribute to the deployment of state-of-the-art machine learning methods in commercial systems, and to supervise students who participate in projects in industry.
Hedvig Kjellström, Associate Professor of Computer Science at The Royal Institute of Technology
This is a major step towards our ambition to minimize the number of false positives in our applications. We are continuously evaluating machine learning and artificial intelligence technology as a complement to traditional methods for detecting financial market anomalies. The current trend is that new regulatory and compliance requirements results in market data sets getting larger and larger, this makes it even more interesting to increase the use of machine learning.
Fredrik Lydén, CTO at Scila
We are very pleased to co-operate with The Royal Institute of Technology. This is something that we aim to continue with going forward. Scila will always seek to improve its product portfolio, and co-operating with universities is an excellent way of gaining new input for development
Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Executive Chairman of Scila
This major upgrade of the exchange’s technology infrastructure, will provide DGCX Members with a set of cutting-edge trading/risk-management/clearing and surveillance interfaces, that will support DGCX’s leadership role in developing and shaping the regional derivatives market.
Mats Wilhelmsson, COO of Scila
EOS platform is a re-invention of an already vibrant and successful marketplace. It is aimed to provide a superior user experience for all market participants. The cutting edge technology platform is mandatory and we are delighted to have implemented Cinnober and SCILA systems at this juncture of DGCX growth story.
Gaurang Desai, COO of DGCX
While the reactions from regulators and legislative bodies have been slow in coming, it has now virtually exploded in a plethora of suggested and implemented counter measures to these perceived negative effects of algorithmic trading.
Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Executive Chairman, Scila
The problems with a majority of the proposed countermeasures for
Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Executive Chairman, Scila
By defining and monitoring boundary conditions for trading algorithms it is possible to design an effective detection mechanism for misbehaving algorithms.
Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Executive Chairman
“We find the compliance market very interesting and the need for trading surveillance technology at investment banks and brokers is likely to increase substantially going forward”
Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Scila’s Executive Chairman
“Öhman Capital is a very well respected participant in the market, with a long and successful history. We are very pleased to deliver our modern and flexible technology to a broker with such a reputation”
Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Scila’s Executive Chairman
“To be able to continue our successful business, it is very important for us to stay in the forefront and to comply with ESMA guidelines so we are very happy to start this cooperation with Scila”
Ronny Jacobsson, CEO at Öhman Capital
“With Scila Compliance we now can offer state-of-the-art trading surveillance to a wider range of customers”
Mats Wilhelmsson, COO at Scila
“We are honoured to be nominated as a Rising Star by Deloitte Sweden”
Lars-Ivar Sellberg, Ecexutive Chairman, Scila
“We really appreciate to be considered by Deloitte Sweden to be among the 25 Rising Stars in the Swedish technology industry. There are a lot of competent technology companies in Sweden and we are proud to be in the final race for Rising Star
Mats Wilhelmsson, COO, Scila
“ The companies ranked in Deloitte Sweden Technology Fast 50 and Rising Stars are all of great importance for the Swedish economy, their technology will have a significant impact on how we all live our lives in the future. That is why we want to acknowledge their achievements, this year for the 10th year in a row”
Erik Olin, Partner, Deloitte Sweden
“Scila Surveillance is designed by surveillance experts and very user-friendly”
Lieven Van den Brande, Chief Information and Operations Officer, Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange
“I’m impressed with the Scila system, especially the connectivity solution which allows for a quick and efficient implementation
Olof Neiglick, CEO of Burgundy
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