Successful technology transfer for production of drug candidate NlpD

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The protein drug candidate NlpD, which is being developed by SelectImmune Pharma, needs adequate, large-scale production technology for continued development towards clinical trials. To achieve this goal, SelectImmune Pharma collaborates with the leading international manufacturer Lonza. The production technology has now successfully been transferred as a first step towards larger scale production.

The NlpD protein was first identified in “nice bacteria”, which release the protein into human cells where it inhibits the basic protein production machinery, reducing inflammation and excessive immune responses to infection. The findings identify the NlpD protein as a new drug candidate, and the recombinant protein has been used successfully to treat infections in animal models.

The collaboration agreement has allowed the successful transfer of our laboratory scale vector design and expression technology to Lonza and the production method has been reproduced in their facilities. The collaboration with an established producer is essential for developing the drug candidate further towards clinical trials. The produced quantity will be tested for biological activity and structural characteristics. 

“The discovery of NlpD offers new promising therapeutic options for the treatment of infections using immunomodulation,” says Dr Ines Ambite, scientific coordinator of the project.

“Developing the best possible manufacturing process for our drug candidate is vital,” says Ann Gidner, CEO, SelectImmune Pharma.

For more information, please contact:

Ines Ambite

Research coordinator SelectImmune Pharma AB

Phone: +46 762 08 89 58


Ann Gidner

CEO SelectImmune Pharma AB

Phone: +46 768 17 14 14


This disclosure contains information that SelectImmune is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation (EU nr 596/2014). The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person, on 03-02-2022 13:48 CET.

SelectImmune Pharma is a pharmaceutical company whose shares are traded on the Spotlight Stock Market. The company goal is to develop new immunotherapies, which act as immune enhancers and offer alternatives to antibiotics.

Bacterial infections affect large parts of the population and are becoming increasingly difficult to treat due to increasing antibiotic resistance. SelectImmune Pharma develops immunotherapies that can supplement or replace antibiotics. Urinary tract infections (UVI) are one of the world’s most common infectious diseases, affecting about 150 million people each year. The need for alternative treatments for bacterial infections is currently very large as are potential markets.


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