Selvaag Bolig ASA: Sold 209 homes worth NOK 1 104 million in third quarter

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Selvaag Bolig sold 209 homes worth a total of NOK 1 104 million in the third quarter of 2020. Sales for the first nine months amounted to 591 homes worth NOK 3 058 million.

“The level of interest in the market has been high, and we’ve sold particularly well in Greater Oslo,” says CEO Rolf Thorsen. “Stavanger has also made a positive contribution.”

“Our campaigns have hit the mark well, and laid the basis for more personal customer follow-up. We’re optimistic about further progress for the company. The need for housing is as high as it was before, and too few homes are being built in the Oslo area.”

Net sales, adjusted for Selvaag Bolig’s share of joint ventures, came to 178 homes worth NOK 910 million in the quarter and 483 homes worth NOK 2 450 million for the first nine months.

During the quarter, Selvaag Bolig began construction of 196 units, completed 212 and delivered 212 to the buyer. At 30 September, it had 1 342 homes under construction and 19 completed units which remained unsold.

During the first nine months, the company began construction of 242 units, completed 404 and delivered 447 to the buyer.

Net sales for the third quarter of 2019 amounted to 159 homes worth a combined NOK 756 million, while the gross figure was 192 units worth NOK 914 million.

During first nine months of last year, Selvaag Bolig had net sales of 613 homes worth NOK 3 048 million. The gross figures were 739 and NOK 3 633 million respectively.

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Sverre Molvik, CFO, Selvaag Bolig ASA
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Kristoffer Gregersen, vice president communication and marketing, Selvaag Bolig ASA
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Selvaag Bolig ASA is a residential property developer which controls the entire value chain from acquisition of land to sale of turnkey homes. The company has several thousand homes under development at any given time, and focuses on the growth areas in and around Greater Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. Selvaag Bolig represents a continuation of Selvaag's 70-year history and experience, and offers a broad variety of property types. The company’s head office is at Ullern in Oslo.


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