New partnership for effective digital training in the forestry industry

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Xtractor, which is part of Semcon Group, has embarked upon a new partnership with Biometria, a key stakeholder in Swedish forestry. A new learning management system (LMS) will make Biometria’s digital training courses more modern and effective. In the long run, this will give more people access to the knowledge they need to keep our forestry industry running.

Digital learning is becoming increasingly important for many companies. It permits greater flexibility while also being more cost-effective and eco-friendly, as there for instance is less need for travel. Moreover, it is a good way of ensuring that staff and other stakeholders have access to exactly the knowledge they need. 

“Learning is a fundamental element in an immense number of enterprises. This is why it is important for learning to be educational, effective and fun for people who have to learn something new. A new learning management system and specialist skills in teaching provide major opportunity to define clear targets for learning, create good training courses and follow up targets to ensure compliance with them,” says Niklas Harging, CEO at Xtractor. 

Biometria is owned by more than 250 member companies in the forestry industry and is one of its key stakeholders. They perform impartial scaling of the timber that flows between forests and industry so that all forest owners in Sweden can feel secure in their timber trades. 

“We have a major need for a new learning management system as our existing solution is difficult to develop further. We looked for something that was more modern and could be customised to suit our specific needs. After a thorough investigation, Xtractor and Semcon was our obvious choice of partner because they have extensive experience of digital training and offer a modern, user-friendly LMS,” says Ulrika Sten, Communications Director at Biometria and responsible for the new learning management system. 

In the first stage of the partnership, the LMS will be available for Biometria’s member companies and customers, with trainings such as scaling of timber and harvester audits. Emphasis will also be on training courses resulting in certification. In the second stage, the platform will be launched for internal trainings at Biometria.
The learning management system to be applied is Totara Learn, which is ranked as one of the best in the world. Totara Learn is a flexible, cost-effective learning platform offering broad functionality. As part of this project, Xtractor will be assisting by providing cutting edge expertise in the fields of system integration and pedagogy.  

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