Semcon Analysis & Test Center AB carries out certification for Volvo Bussar AB

Semcon Analysis & Test Center AB carries out certification for Volvo Bussar AB Semcon Analysis & Test Center AB has been given the task of re-certifying the brake systems on a large number of Volvo buses. The assignment will take six months and means full time work for up to seven people. Due to amended EU regulations for brake systems in heavy goods and personal service vehicles, Volvo Bussar AB must carry out a product modification, requiring new brake certification. To make this economical from a cash and time perspective, Volvo Bussar AB has commissioned Semcon Analysis & Test Center AB to carry out the certification. Semcon will be responsible for pre-testing and certification testing together with the certification authorities. The work covers both testing and measurement, which means that the chassis will be equipped with a considerable amount of measuring devices and mobile equipment for data collection. This will allow the input of data such as speed, brake pressure, brake temperature and the ABS systems' signals. Measurements will then be carried out for a series of test cases at Volvo' test tracks under the supervision of inspectors from some of Europe's foremost traffic safety authorities. "Our clients are demanding more involvement from us. They want Semcon to take on greater responsibility for ensuring a holistic approach in an assignment," says Reine Lindqvist, Managing Director of Semcon Analysis & Test Center. "To have approved certificates for brake systems is incredibly important for a safety conscious company such as Volvo Bussar. That is why we are proud to be given this important work. Our aim is to be a long-term partner to the industry and be at the forefront with testing, measurement technology and technical calculations linked to this work," concludes Reine Lindqvist. Semcon Analysis & Test Center AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Semcon Group and works on a consultancy basis concerning technical calculations and testing within the areas of exhaustion and durability, functional testing, measurement technology and climate testing. For more information contact: Reine Lindqvist, CEO Semcon Analysis & Test Center AB, tel: +46 31721 06 05, mobile: +46 703 15 82 15 Hans Johansson, CEO Semcon AB (publ), tel: +46 31-721 03 05, mobile: +46 705 91 43 34 Bengt Nilsson, CFO Semcon AB (publ), tel: +46 31 721 03 11, mobile: +46 704 47 28 68 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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