Semcon develops app for the Rescue Mission in Sweden

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Reduced food waste and affordable groceries for low-income households. The Rescue Mission's MatRätt supermarket opened up in Gothenburg earlier this year. Now, in order to achieve a fairer distribution of groceries, Semcon is developing an app to help with appointment bookings for the customers. Development of the app will be part of Semcon's CSR programme. 

MatRätt in Gothenburg, Sweden, is what is known as a social supermarket. In addition to selling leftover food that the shop receives from other supermarkets and wholesalers, the initiative also fights food poverty and offers job training. Everyone is welcome to shop at MatRätt, but there is a special membership category for very low-income customers which gives an additional discount on groceries. 

“We have up to 300 customers every day, which means that you may often have to wait a long time in line outside before being admitted to the shop. The majority of our customers are people who are already living in difficult circumstances and having to queue up for hours outside the shop, especially during the pandemic, adds an extra element of stress. We believe it is important that our customers can plan their visit with us,” says Ida-Lina Frisell, Shop Manager, MatRätt.

MatRätt was therefore looking for help to reduce the queues outside the supermarket. This is where Semcon comes in as partner.

“The entire project is based on what the customers and the shop need and how we can improve the situation using a digital solution. It is important when you're working with digital solutions that they are based on human needs and behaviours and not only developed for the technology itself,” says Jenny Lundblad, Project Manager. 

The app will contain a digital booking system. There will also be the option for members to keep their digital membership card in the app, which will be available for both iOS and Android. 

The project will be carried out during autumn 2020 with a planned launch before the end of the year. Semcon specialists in UX design, system development, project management and service design will be working with the app. 

The project is being co-funded through Semcon's CSR programme. CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and, as part of the programme, Semcon allocates 2,000 hours per year for employees to personally engage in various types of social sustainability activities supporting the 17 Global Sustainability Goals set by the UN.  

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