The 3D Classroom 4.0 takes visual learning to a new level

Today sees the release of version 4.0 of The 3D Classroom, the visual learning tool that helps all students in the classroom to become more motivated and involved and to achieve good results. In the latest release, educators will have the ability to create presentations in the form of videos that can support flipped classrooms based on the high-quality content. Also, new content has been added within chemistry, geography and mathematics and the user experience has been improved.

"Today, the dominant form of literacy is multi-modal – we read images, sounds, text and emotions. Supplementing teaching with visual elements enables all students to absorb new knowledge, not just those who are good at reading and who are already interested. The 3D Classroom now reaches beyond the classroom by allowing the educator to create their own presentations of the content, which students can watch where ever they want, as often as they want", says Fredrik Olofsson, CEO of Sensavis.

By using high-quality content in The 3D Classroom and their own words to create presentations, educators are able to create customized educational materials tailored specifically to their students' needs. The material can be shared with the students, who themselves decide when, where and how many times they want to watch it. The educator can easily measure and monitor the students' involvement. One major advantage is that students come to the classroom prepared and the educator can decide on the best way to use the expensive resource that is so short in supply – classroom hours. Also, the function can support peer learning through educators at the school sharing their best presentations.

New content

The content in The 3D Classroom grows through a customer-driven development process in which educators using the product let us know which aspects are complex and difficult for students to understand. In chemistry , it is now possible to merge elements at the atomic level. In mathematics , Pi as well as the perimeter and area of a circle are visualized. Ingeography , strato volcanoes and tectonic plates, an important component for explaining everything from the climate to mountain ranges and land movement, have been added.

Participants in the customer-driven development process include recognized educational institutions from all over the world, including Aldar Academies in the United Arab Emirates, Nevada State College and Southwestern Michigan College in the USA, the Tanglin Trust School in Singapore, the Singapore Ministry of Education and more than 200 schools in Sweden.

Improved user experience

In addition to Microsoft Windows 7 and 8, The 3D Classroom is now also compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft that is already used by millions of people around the world, and that further improves performance in The 3D Classroom. Extensive product development has enabled The 3D Classroom to be used on ordinary computers and the memory optimization in version 4.0 makes it less resource intensive than ever. The product supports all touch devices.

Video rights

By entering into a commercial agreement with Sensavis on video rights, the educator or the educators can create and share an unlimited number of videos within the school and also between other schools that use The 3D Classroom and that have also entered into an agreement for the video rights.

For schools using Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365, Sensavis recommends using Office Mix, a free plug-in for PowerPoint.

About The 3D Classroom

The 3D Classroom makes the complex easier to understand. The educator freely directs the interactive, realistic visualizations and can adjust the class to the student body. The 3D Classroom does not contain text or sound and is not limited to any curriculum. The product development is customer driven, which means that the educators themselves are involved in developing the educational materials of the future.

About Sensavis

Since 2008, the Swedish company Sensavis AB has developed market-leading, fully-interactive 3D visualizations - its mission has always been to increase learning. In September 2013, Sensavis launched The 3D Classroom, a software product for all schools and all ages of students that increases motivation and learning in the classroom. The 3D Classroom is currently used by hundreds of schools in Europa, the US and Asia.