Wilson County Schools strengthens personalized education with The 3D Classroom from Sensavis

The 3D Classroom from Sensavis will support Wilson County Schools’ important mission to prepare students for success in college and careers by providing a personalized education.

Sensavis Inc., creator of the unique educational product The 3D Classroom, today announced that it has signed a contract with Wilson County Schools to implement the solution at four high schools with a total of 5,600 students. The visual learning tool will be used in classroom teaching, to create teaching tools for flipped classrooms and for professional development and training to support the mission of building the capacity of Wilson County School educators to have the skills necessary to deliver a world class academic program.

“Using The 3D Classroom content will empower our teachers to provide engaging digital content to help every student reach their full potential by personalizing learning environments to meet different learning needs. The 3D Classroom solution will assist us in teaching STEM concepts that lay a foundation for students that are college and career ready”, says Kim Clemmons, Supervisor of Instructional Technology at Wilson County Schools, and continues:

“Creating visual learning content will encourage our teachers to collaborate and share projects that engage students in the learning process.”

The 3D Classroom makes the complex easier to understand by using 3D visualizations. It does not contain text or sound and is therefore suitable for students of all ages.

“We are incredibly proud to announce this partnership. Wilson County Schools and Sensavis share the belief that creating an educational system where each student has the potential to succeed. The 3D Classroom helps motivate and involve everyone in the classroom, making education both fun and effective”, says Fredrik Olofsson, President & CEO Sensavis.

About Wilson County Schools

The Wilson County School System serves approximately 17,100 students in pre-kindergarten through adult education. Twelve elementary schools, three middle schools, four high schools, one adult high school, one alternative school, an adult basic education program and a virtual on-line school make up the twenty-three sites.

About The 3D Classroom
The 3D Classroom makes the complex easier to understand. It is a visual learning tool that helps all the students in the classroom to become more motivated and involved and to achieve good results. The educator navigates freely through the interactive, realistic visualizations and, using their own words and pedagogy, can adapt the lesson to suit the students. The educator can also interact with the content to reinforce the message and answer questions. The 3D Classroom does not contain text or sound and is not limited to any curriculum. It is currently used at all levels of education, from kindergarten to college, and contains subject modules for biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, geography and engineering.

About Sensavis
Since 2008, the Swedish company Sensavis has developed market-leading, fully-interactive 3D visualizations – its mission has always been to increase learning. In September 2013, Sensavis launched The 3D Classroom, a software product for all schools and all ages of students that increases motivation and learning in the classroom. The 3D Classroom is currently used by hundreds of schools in Europe, the US and Asia.