Nomination committee appointed for Serneke Group AB’s Annual General Meeting 2023

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The members of the nomination committee for Serneke Group AB’s Annual General Meeting in 2023 have now been appointed.

The Serneke Group AB Annual General Meeting has resolved on the principles of how to appoint the nomination committee. According to these principles, the nomination committee shall be appointed following the chairman’s identification of the four largest shareholders, according to voting rights. These shareholders have the right to appoint a representative to the nomination committee. If one or more of the four largest shareholders refrain from their right to appoint a representative, the shareholders next in line shall be contacted. The four, and the chairman of the board, will compose the nomination committee.

The members of the Nomination Committee 2023 consist of the following:

Carl Sandberg, chairman of the nomination committee, appointed by Ola Serneke Holding AB 
Ludwig Mattsson appointed by Lommen Holding AB
Christer Larsson, appointed by Christer Larsson i Trollhättan AB
Alban Herlitz, appointed by Vision Group i Väst AB
Jan C. Johansson, chairman of Serneke Group AB

The four owner representatives of the nomination committee represent approximately 74 percent of the voting rights for all shares of the company.

The nomination committee will prepare proposals for the Annual General Meeting regarding chairman of the Annual General Meeting, number of members to be elected, chairman of the Board and other members of the board, remuneration for each of the elected board members and members of the board’s committees. In addition, the nomination committee will propose auditors to be elected, remuneration for the auditors, principles for the appointment of and instruction for the nomination committee.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on May 3, 2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Shareholders who wish to present proposals to the nomination committee can submit them by email to

For more information, please contact:
Johanna Rutberg, General Counsel Serneke Group AB
Tel: +46 31 712 97 00   

Johan Live, Public Relations Manager Serneke Group AB
Tel: +46 768 68 11 37  

The information was released for public disclosure, through the agency of the contact person above, on October 28 at 08.00 (CET).

Serneke is a rapidly growing corporate group active in contracting and project development. The Group was founded in 2002 and today has income of nearly SEK 8.7 billion and approximately 1,200 employees, organized into three business areas: Serneke Sweden, Serneke Invest and Serneke International. Through novel thinking, the Company drives development and creates more effective and more innovative solutions for responsible construction. The Company builds and develops housing, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, public buildings, roads and civil engineering projects, and other infrastructure. The company’s customers consist of both public and commercial clients. The Company’s Swedish units operate nationwide and are organized into five regions: South, West, East, Central and North, and are headquartered in Gothenburg. The Company’s Series B shares (SRNKE) have been listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange since November 2016.

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