Seven District establishes 7Dx, a new investment area for early-stage groundbreaking entrepreneurs

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Seven District has established a new investment area, 7Dx, an acceleration focused platform for early- stage investments in companies and entrepreneurs with groundbreaking technologies and business models for a better society. Today we welcome three new companies to 7Dx; 24Duty, Klint and enrouteQ to 7Dx. Together with existing companies; Sightic, IRRIOT and Viospatia, these six companies and entrepreneurs make up the 7Dx platform.

Seven District, the evergreen investment company combing entrepreneurship with experience, knowledge and capital to accelerate growth and unlock the full potential of companies, today announces the launch of a new investment area 7Dx. 7Dx will comprise Seven District’s early-stage investments and have a well-defined methodology for how to support entrepreneurs through the early stages of a company’s development. 7Dx now consists of six early stage companies; Sightic Analytics (recently changed name from Eyescanner), IRRIOT and Viospatia, 24Duty, Klint and enrouteQ. Seven District will, through its long-term evergreen investment philosophy, continue to build out its 7Dx portfolio with the aim to support these companies and entrepreneurs through the early stages, to a commercial acceleration and ultimately profitable growth.

“As entrepreneurs and investors, we meet a tremendous number of exciting early-stage promising companies and entrepreneurs with great potential. With that in mind, we have developed a model and process for providing capital and hands-on support to these entrepreneurs in a way that the typical institutional investor is not able to do. We aim to support companies and entrepreneurs throughout their respective journeys, by providing hands-on support and investing in several rounds and as they grow and mature. These brave, smart and ambitious entrepreneurs are vital to impact society positively long-term.”, says Anders Jacobson, Managing Partner and one of the founders of Seven District.

The three recent investments made by 7Dx, 24Duty, Klint and enrouteQ, represent businesses run by strong entrepreneurs, with viable products and services in place and early-signs of a strong product-market fit. 24Duty connects consumers and businesses in need of urgent help with tradesmen seamlessly via app, web and phone. enrouteQ enables open transit data as a service for smart mobility for fleet public transport operators primarily in developing countries. Klint is a new concept for repainting your home, re-inventing the entire customer journey in a more sustainable and resource-effective way.

“The recent additions to the 7Dx portfolio represent exactly the type of entrepreneurship that we want to see, leveraging technology and creative business models striving to positively impact society. 24Duty, enrouteQ and Klint are all early-stage businesses, but we already see tremendous market traction and will support them as they develop and grow into leading market positions“, concludes Niklas Ivarsson, Partner, Chairman and one of the founders of Seven District.

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Anders Jacobson

Phone: +46 702 02 99 09

About Seven District

Seven District is an investment company that combines entrepreneurship with experience, knowledge, and capital to accelerate growth and unlock the full potential of companies. Seven District primarily invests in companies headquartered in Sweden, which are, or can become, market leading in a well-defined niche, from the early stages up to c. SEK 500M in turnover. The strategy is to provide a high degree of operational support, leveraging the extensive experience of Seven District’s founding team, as well as providing an international network and financial strength when partnering up with like-minded entrepreneurs.

The investment portfolio consists of companies that leverage technology to create a competitive advantage and strive to play an important role in positively impacting the development of society. Seven District’s portfolio currently consists of Kvaser, Qamcom, ACRE, Easycom, Visiba Group and Intelligent Aerial. The the early stage accelerator 7Dx includes Sightic Analytics, Viospatia, IRRIOT, 24 Duty, Klint, and enrouteQ.

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About 24Duty

24Duty connects consumers and businesses in need of urgent help with tradesmen seamlessly via app, web and phone.
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About enrouteQ

EnrouteQ empowers transit operators and authorities to generate and share GTFS public transit and real-time data with riders across the urban mobility landscape.
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About Klint

Klint is a new home decor concept for re-painting a home in an easy and sustainable way. By changing out the traditional paint pots to hand-painted adhesive paint samples, and the traditional paint cans to easy-to-use paint bags, Klint is re-inventing the customer journey for repainting a home via a seamless e-commerce offering.

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