Acquisition of Video Technic Systems - capital increase registered

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Company announcement no. 83
Copenhagen, October 26, 2022

In relation to company announcement 79, regarding the acquisition of Video Technic Systems S.R.L (“VTS”).

The company has today registered a capital increase of nominal 49.425, corresponding to 494.250 shares that will be issued for trade as soon as possible by VP securities to the former owners of VTS. Furthermore 4.100 shares will be allocated, as a part of the total purchase price, from the company’s own treasury shares, thus completing the total agreed acquisition price of 535.250 shares in Shape Robotics A/S.

The nominal registered capital of Shape Robotics A/S amounts to 845.686,9 DKK after the above capital increase.
Articles of association has been changed accordingly and will be available on the company’s website.

Shape Robotics acquires VTS to increase the capability to deliver turnkey EdTech solutions in Central and Eastern Europe.
VTS has 12 employees and had a turnover of almost the equivalent of DKK 27 m in 2021 with a profit of more than DKK 1 m.

Additional information and investor relations

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André Fehrn, CEO
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