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Digital messaging displays are a great attention-grabber

Digital LED signs can provide a useful backup to support health and safety procedures in the workplace, encouraging employees and visitors to be more accident aware. As part of a linked network, digital signs can also help improve on-site communications by providing a mobile messaging system in real time.

As a medium, dynamic electronic digital displays have a far greater impact than traditional static signs and posters. The combination of bright colours with visually striking images are both eye-catching and memorable. Signs need not be complex – even a simple LED text display will deliver improved clarity. For even greater visual impact, digital displays can be programmed to include full colour graphics or animations, video and even sound.

A key advantage of digital displays is their immediacy. Important health and safety announcements arising from temporary hazards such as accidental spills and planned activities can be programmed easily via PC or even a mobile device for broadcast to a single sign or multiple site locations.

In plant areas and in high traffic environments, where there are risks from moving equipment or vehicles - such as recycling depots, loading or transport facilities, refineries and construction sites – digital signs encourage individuals to be aware of their actions and how they could endanger others as well as taking more notice of their environment.

From a safety viewpoint, regularly refreshing the content of digital displays also helps maintain attention. Ringing the changes needn’t involve uploading fresh graphics and video all the time. Being able to programme in a set of messages which will display in sequence is enough to increase visibility, while adding versatility and flexibility to single sign installations.

Electronic scoreboards can also be used to encourage change, displaying messages such as ‘days since last accident’ or to remind people of the consequences of their actions, for example, with signs showing ‘time lost time in accidents’.

The versatility of digital safety signs and their compact design means they can be installed just about anywhere. A custom designed display single line scrolling LED sign from Messagemaker is used by leading oil and gas operator Perenco, for example, on its offshore safety rigs to relay continual updates on critical safety information and also features a temperature window.

In addition to helping to reprogramme and reward individual behaviours, the signs can be used to create a community, with LED message boards acting as an ‘intranet’ for office and non-office workers. Variable messaging capabilities and easy reprogramming make it easy to include announcements about forthcoming events and notable staff news.

Recent developments include streaming news from the Internet and even the potential to add a Twitter feed. At Messagemaker’s own parent company Stocksigns, for instance, these new digital displays are used as a mobile messaging system that keeps both office and factory staff up to date with the latest sales and product news, as well as relaying essential safety messages, such as details of essential building works or fire safety alarm tests.

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