The Camfil 30/30® is now GUARANTEED to last longer…

Camfil, will now GUARANTEE that their 30/30® filter will last longer than any other claimed comparable pleated air filter in any end user application.

Camfil, the world leader in providing air filtration solutions for maintaining healthy and comfortable indoor environments, will now GUARANTEE that their 30/30® filter will last longer than any other claimed comparable pleated air filter in any end user application. If the 30/30® fails to outlast the previously applied competitor’s filter, THEY WILL REFUND THE DIFFERENCE. GUARANTEED.

The 30/30® is a high-capacity G4 grade pleated panel filter that is unique in that it has a "triple" performance guarantee. First, it is guaranteed to perform at its rated efficiency, or higher, throughout its service life. It is also guaranteed to last longer than any other pleated panel filter. The high wet strength beverage board frame used in the 30/30 is the thickest in the industry, and creates a stable media pack that prevents filter bypass.

For guaranteed longer-lasting filters, the smart money is on Camfil 30/30® filters. Our exclusive media is bonded to a welded wire grid and then formed into a radial pleat, allowing full use of the media. This configuration allows the 30/30® filter to hold more dirt and last longer. The 30/30® frame is made of water-resistant beverage board instead of recycled cardboard, so the 30/30® will stand up to the worst conditions an HVAC system will present. No filter distortion or blowouts.

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The 30/30® has been setting the standard for G4 panels for a long time. The combination of the unique media, beverage board and pleating technology makes the 30/30® a low-energy product at the same time as it performs well in all situations.



  • Water resistant beverage board frame
  • Fully supported media bonded onto a wire support grid
  • Strong Water resistant construction prevents filter failure and air bypass
  • Radial pleats ensure full use of the media allowing maximum dust retention
    • Radial pleats for a maximum capacity of dust retention and facilitate airflow – The unique design ensures uniform airflow through the media at the lowest possible resistance


  • Application: Primary filter for air conditioning systems
  • Type: High performance disposable pleated panel filter.
  • Case: Rigid water resistant cardboard
  • Media: Mixture of cotton and synthetic fibre
  • EN779:2012 efficiency: G4.
  • Recommended final pressure drop: 250 Pa
  • Temperature: 70°C maximum in continuous service
  • Holding frames: Front and side access housings and frames are available

The 30/30® is a very energy-efficient filter due to its large media area, resulting in a low pressure drop. The 30/30® media is a blend of cotton and polyester fibres and proven to keep a low pressure drop during the filter’s lifetime. The media is backed with a corrosion-resistant wire backing that eliminates distortion of the media pack under high air flow conditions.

View the 30/30 Panel test video here.

Disclaimers and Exclusions:

  1. Filter life must not have been shortened by mechanical damage or failure of the HVAC system.
  2. Filters must not exhibit physical damage.
  3. Filters must not have been placed in an application where differential pressure across the filter exceeds 250 Pa
  4. The compared filters must be installed in exactly the same hardware and under the same environmental conditions as the Camfil Farr 30/30®.
  5. Filters of comparison must be what are commonly referred to as pleated panel filters that use cotton or synthetic fibres as the filtering medium and have a literature published efficiency of G4 (EN779-2012)
  6. The Camfil Farr 30/30® Guaranteed to Last Longer Programme is only valid for products installed in Mainland UK.

Camfil Farr delivers value to customers all over the world while contributing to something essential to everyone – clean air for health, well-being and performance. To find out more about Camfil’s range of air filters, visit or call 01706 238000.


About Camfil Farr

Camfil Ltd is the UK subsidiary of Camfil AB which trades as Camfil Farr or the Camfil Farr Group.  The Camfil Farr Group, a world leader in air filtration and clean air solutions, has 50 years of experience from providing energy-efficient air filtration solutions to protect people, processes and the environment. The Group, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has 3,500 employees all over the world and sales in the range of SEK 4.9 billion. For more information, see:

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Quick facts

The 30/30® is a high-capacity G4 grade pleated Camfil UK panel filter that is unique in that it has a
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If the 30/30® fails to outlast the previously applied competitor’s filter, WE WILL REFUND THE DIFFERENCE. GUARANTEED.
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