First Orbit – Embassies to Back Yards

The Attic Room’s latest film ‘First Orbit’ (105mins) has proven to have the same global appeal as the man it features – Yuri Gagarin. 

Since its planet wide premiere on Tuesday 12 April 2011, the film has received 2.6 million views.  There were 1.3 million views within its first 24 hours and over 2.3 million online views within 48 hours.  And whilst the majority of viewers came from the United States and Russia, insight figures from YouTube show that it was watched in almost every country on Earth.

In addition to this online premiere the film opened on over 1000 screens around the world in more than 75 countries, including UNESCO HQ in Paris, Boeing HQ in Seattle, and the European Space Agency’s Columbus Control Centre near Munich.  However, the films truly global appeal is clearly defined by the diversity of screening event venues which included embassies, science centres, planetariums, museums, cathedrals, churches, sports halls, community centres, aero-clubs, scout huts, marine barracks, company canteens, DIY shops, department stores, cinemas, village squares, bars, cafes, clubs, and private parties in back yards and living rooms.

First Orbit’s producer/director Chris Riley says; “It’s incredible to think the film has now been physically screened in over 75 countries. From elaborate embassy screenings to more modest back yard gatherings, the Yuri Gagarin story has been celebrated right around the planet he first orbited half a century ago. I’m sure he would have been so proud of everyone’s interest and support”.

First Orbit weaves historic audio recordings of the first Cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, with new footage of his orbital route. Filmed by ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli, the footage allows viewers to see breath-taking, full high-definition vistas of the Earth, as Yuri Gagarin would have seen them 50 years before.

PLEASE NOTE: Copyright free broadcast roll and hi res images available to all media upon request.

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