Comparative figures for Skanska's operations in Finland, the UK and International

Comparative figures for Skanska's operations in Finland, the UK and International At the beginning of 2004, the operations named in the table below were transferred to the Business Unit Skanska International (previously Skanska International Projects) as part of the process for streamlining operations in Skanska's domestic markets. (see press release dated February 2, 2004). Skanska's participation in the earnings of Gammon Skanska, in which the Group has a 50-percent interest, is also included in Skanska International. - Skanska Cementation India, previously reported under India - Skanska Whessoe, previously reported under UK - Skanska Cementation Mining, previously reported under UK - Skanska Russia, previously reported under Finland and Eastern Europe The quarterly comparative figures for 2003 relating to Skanska's operations in Finland, the UK and the Skanska International business unit are given in the attached Excel file. The changes affect financial reporting for the above-named business units/reporting units within the Construction-related Services and Residential Project Development business branches. For further information please contact: Anders Lilja, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, Skanska AB, tel +46 8 753 88 01 This and previous releases can also be found at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: PDF

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Skanska is one of the world’s leading construction and project development companies, focused on selected home markets in the Nordic region, Europe and USA. Supported by global trends in urbanization and demographics, and by being at the forefront in sustainability, Skanska offers competitive solutions for both simple and the most complex assignments, helping to build a sustainable future for customers and communities. The Group has about 38,000 employees. Skanska's sales in 2018 totaled SEK 170 billion.