Nomination Committee proposes new Chairman

The Nomination Committee of Skanska AB has today proposed that Hans Biörck be elected new Chairman at the Annual General Meeting to be held on April 6, 2016. Skanska’s current Chairman, Stuart Graham, has already notified the Nomination Committee that he will not stand for re-election at the 2016 AGM.

The Nomination Committee has decided on a proposal for the election of a new Chairman of Skanska, the committee therefore publish this information. The Nomination Committee’s work will continue and a complete proposal will be published at a later date in connection with Notice of the Annual General Meeting.

Hans Biörck is 64, and served as CFO at Skanska from 2001-2011. He is currently a Board member of Trelleborg AB, LKAB AB and Bure Equity AB. Hans Biörck holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and prior to joining Skanska, he served as CFO at Autoliv and Esselte.

For further information, contact:

Helena Stjernholm, Chairman of the Nomination Committee of Skanska AB, tel: +46 (0)8 666 64 00

Edvard Lind, Head of Media Relations, Skanska AB, tel: +46 (0)10-448 88 08

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