Skanska divests interest in five social infrastructure projects in the UK for GBP 22 M, about SEK 220 M

Skanska divest its share of three school projects and two street lighting projects in the UK for GBP 22 M, about SEK 220 M. The buyer is the Skanska Pension Fund (Skanska UK’s main pension scheme) and the transaction will be recorded in the second quarter of 2013. 

Skanska held 45-53 percent equity in the three school projects, Bristol (45.5%), Essex (52%) and Woodlands (53%) and 50 percent equity in the street lighting projects in Surrey and Croydon. Skanska will retain an indirect 7-8 percent share of the three school projects for the Local Education Partnership commitment. Two of the projects, Bristol and Essex, are in full operation, with the remaining three still under construction. Skanska UK will continue to manage and carry out construction, maintenance and operation services on these projects.

Skanska Infrastructure Development is a leader in the global Public Private Partnerships (PPP) market. The business unit invests in, develops and operates roads, hospitals, schools, power plants and other social infrastructure in partnership with the public sector.

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