Skellefteå Kraft expands the Swedish public charging network - chooses Italian company for the first phase

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Skellefteå Kraft and OKQ8 are expanding the charging infrastructure for private transport in Sweden and have chosen Italian Alpitronic's chargers for the first stage of the expansion of Sweden's most extensive public charging network of high power chargers.

A montage of a hyper fast charger from Alpitronic on a OKQ8 station
A montage of a couple of hyper chargers from Alpitronic at an OKQ8 station.


Within the next six years, Skellefteå Kraft and OKQ8 will install at least 1,100 public fast chargers at approximately 400 stations in Sweden and Denmark. 800 of these high power chargers will be in Sweden.

The first phase of the initiative will start this autumn. 43 fast chargers will be installed during this period.

- "This will be the first stage, but also the smallest one. The work will be stepped up and there will be more chargers installed in each phase," says Patrik Grantås, Business Area Manager Market and Innovation at Skellefteå Kraft.

The Italian company Alpitronic is entrusted with delivering fast chargers for the initial phase.

- "That this agreement has been signed means that we are now getting serious about this. When we at Skellefteå Kraft start installing these chargers, we will be taking another big step towards hyper fast charging through OKQ8's nationwide station network that is accessible to everyone," says Patrik Grantås.

- "Alpitronic is delighted to be involved in Skellefteå Kraft's exemplary project to establish high power charging at OKQ8 stations. The Nordics have been of utmost importance since our first steps with our hypercharger as we continue to grow with the markets and thanks to the experiences we gain from them. We are confident that through this initiative with Skellefteå Kraft and OKQ8, another important milestone for everyday EV usability has been set,” says Philipp Senoner, CEO of Alpitronic.

The Alpitronic charger, Hypercharger, which is now the best selling charger in Europe, will in this case supply 150 KW for a single car.

- "We believe that this will be enough for the absolute majority of electric cars over the next two to three years. If we see that more power is needed, we can upgrade and adjust afterwards,” says Åke Persson, Business Developer at Skellefteå Kraft.

One important factor for Skellefteå Kraft when choosing the charger in this first stage has been user-friendliness.

- "Alpitronic lives up to the high standards that we demand. For example, we have been able to influence the location of the screen and the length of charging cables," says Åke Persson.

- "Charging your electric car should be easy and we make the transition threshold as low as possible for everyone."

In order for the transition to be as smooth as possible, it is also essential that the hyper fast chargers at OKQ8 stations should be constantly available for use.

- "By carrying out service and guarantee work ourselves, we gain greater control over the operation of these chargers. In this way, we can both work preventively and be on site quickly to carry out service work in case something unexpected should happen," says Åke Persson.

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