Nomination committee ahead of Smart Eye’s 2018 Annual General Meeting

The members of the Nominating Committee ahead of Smart Eye’s 2018 Annual General Meeting have now been appointed.

Smart Eye AB’s Annual General Meeting 2017 adopted an instruction for the appointment of the Nomination Committee, which is valid until the Annual General Meeting resolves differently. According to this instruction, the company must have a nomination committee consisting of one representative each for the four largest shareholders and the Chairman of the Board (convening).

The Nomination Committee has now been appointed and consists of the following members:

  • Mary Irwin (Mats Krantz & Mary Irwin), Chairman of the Nomination Committee
  • Åsa Knutsson (Fouriertransform AB)
  • Linda Jöfelt (own ownership)
  • Oskar Krantz (Martin Krantz)
  • Anders Jöfelt (Chairman of the Board)

The Nomination Committee shall, in preparation for the Annual General Meeting 2018, make proposals for the Chairman of the Meeting, the number of Board members, remuneration to each of the Board members, election of the Board and Chairman of the Board, fees to the auditor and election of auditor, and, if deemed necessary, proposed amendments in the nomination committee's instruction.

About Smart Eye
Smart Eye develops and markets eyetracking systems that can measure and calculate a person's gaze. Today the company has two business areas: Research Instruments and Applied Solutions. Within Research Instruments, Smart Eye provides advanced eyetracking systems to measure and analyse human behaviour. Within Applied Solutions, Smart Eye provides eyetracking software for integration in vehicles.

Smart Eye was founded in 1999, since when it has become established as one of the leading players for eyetracking analysis of human behaviour. This is based on advanced technical software for eyetracking systems, as well as longstanding experience in this industry. From an early stage, Smart Eye has focused on developing eyetracking for the automotive industry and today is one of the few companies in the world with eyetracking systems for integration in vehicles that live up to the extensive requirements set by the automotive industry. Smart Eye currently has three design wins concerning serial delivery for passenger vehicles from three global automotive Groups.

Smart Eye is listed on First North. Erik Penser is Certified Adviser and can be reached at +46-8-463 8000.