Smart Eye and Hinfact exhibiting at I/ITSEC 2019

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Smart Eye and Hinfact will be exhibiting at I/ITSEC to demonstrate how Smart Eye’s eye tracking technology combined with Hinfact’s human factors expertise will add value to pilot training.

By showcasing how Smart Eye’s AI-powered eye tracking technology can be integrated in a flight simulator, Smart Eye and Hinfact will prove why eye tracking is an essential part in effective pilot training. Instructors are faced with a difficult task when assessing pilot performance during pilot training.

Since the instructors are normally placed behind the pilot, they have no way of knowing where the pilot is directing their gaze while monitoring the flight instruments.

On average, pilots spend 90% of their time monitoring flight parameters and the state of the aircraft. But in critical situations, pilots might not always realize that they are losing vital scanning behaviours, leading to critical simulation parameters being missed. This makes it crucial to use an eye tracking system that provides the technology necessary to track eye movements with the highest possible precision.

With a tool tracking the pilot’s gaze, the instructor is able to follow the pilot’s attentional focus and optimize monitoring behaviour in critical training situations. This would add value and efficiency to the training process and result in better prepared pilots, which in turn could help pilots avoid incidents caused by insufficient monitoring.

We are very happy to showcase the integration of our eye tracking technology with the GazeCraft tool from Hinfact at I/ITSEC 2019. This integration adds tremendous value to pilot training experience by helping instructors in understanding pilots gaze behavior and how pilots are operating and monitoring the systems in a cockpit.
- Solmaz Shahmehr, VP Research Instruments, Smart Eye

About Hinfact

Hinfact creates and develops technologies to improve the performance of flight parameters monitoring by pilots in cockpits. According to the NTSB, 48% of accidents or incidents are initiated by inadequate monitoring. Hinfact uses their expertise in human factors, neuroergonomics, and oculometry, when developing their solutions. Through a strong partnership with the laboratory of
ISAE-SUPAERO and Ecole Polytechnique, the vision of the 
start-up is to become an industrial reference in human factors and human-machine interfaces.

About Smart Eye

Since 1999 Smart Eye has been engaged in development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of eye tracking technology that understands, supports and predicts a person’s intentions and actions. By carefully studying eye, facial and head movement, our technology can draw conclusions about a person’s awareness and mental state.

oday our eye tracking technology is used in the next generation of cars and is helping the automotive industry take an important step towards safer and more environment-friendly transport solutions. In the research field, Smart Eye’s solutions are providing new opportunities in complicated and real situations and are paving the way for new insights in the aerospace, aviation and defence industries as well as in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, medicine and academic research.
Smart Eye’s head offices are in Gothenburg, Sweden, and the company also has offices in Detroit, Michigan (USA), Tokyo (Japan) and Chongqing (China). In addition to these offices of its own, Smart Eye also has partners, retailers and distributors in several locations in Europe, the USA and APAC. Smart Eye’s solutions are used around the world by more than 700 partners and customers, leading research teams, brands and laboratories, including the US Air Force, NASA, BMW, Lockheed Martin, Audi, Boeing, Volvo and GM, to name a few.

Smart Eye’s business is organized in three business areas, Research Instruments, Automotive Solutions and Applied AI Systems (AIS). In Research Instruments, Smart Eye provides advanced eye tracking systems for measuring and analyzing human behavior. In Automotive Solutions, the company provides eye tracking software for integration in vehicles. In AIS, Smart Eye provides both software and hardware for eye tracking integration in vehicles, specifically designed for retrofit for public transportation and commercial vehicles.

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