Sock Company Saves The Lives Of A Family Of Chipmunks - the online sock subscription service for stylish gentlemen - has donated hundreds of pairs of socks to a family of chipmunks following an appeal for socks.

Mark Hall, Gentleman Creation Officer and Managing Director of, said: "Sending socks to the Chipmunks was the very least we could do to make sure that our furry friends are kept warm this winter." heard an appeal from the Wiltshire-based safari park appealing for socks to keep the Chipmunks warm and to ensure they survived the harsh winter months, and were only too happy to help give the animals somewhere to sleep and to store their food.

"We pride ourselves not only in our high quality sock subscription service, but also on our etiquette tips for gentlemen," said Hall.

"And high up on the list is the need to treat animals with as much care and respect as you would your fellow man."

Longleat keeper Darren Beasley said: "We had a good response from local people but we weren't quite prepared for the huge number of socks from There are hundreds, and we're looking at making further use of them around the Safari Park."

Concerned for the welfare of the chipmunks, decided against asking Longleat if they were available as personal sock couriers for their subscribers; and also ruled out recording a Christmas single which would have been a racing certainty to grab the number one spot from The X Factor.

Instead, they offer some alternative uses for old or odd socks

1. Donation to your local animal park

2. Very small Christmas stocking
3. Gear-stick warmer for your car

4. Glove puppet for the kids

5. Low cost tea-strainer

Remember just like pets, socks are for life and not just for Christmas. Instead of buying someone a garish pair of Christmas socks this year why not purchase them a sockscription from starting from just £19 it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

You can still send your spare socks to Longleat:

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For further information contact Mark Hall on 07841 779892, or is a black sock subscription service for discerning gentleman; based in the UK they provide high quality socks for men that are delivered monthly, every three or six months.

The service appeals to time-poor men, and for people who want to buy that gift that keeps giving. also provides monthly etiquette tips and are passionate about turning men into gentlemen through the use of manners.

With the winter months now in full swing socked also wants to look after males and conducted research into a cure for the dreaded man flu, more information can be found at


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