The gift of socks the best for Fathers Day

Subscription service says "Thanks, Dad" all year round

The sock subscription service from gentlemen's outfitters and lifestyle website offers the best value all-year gift for Father's Day.

According to this life-changing website, the regular delivery of high-quality black cotton socks on a regular basis is the ideal way to say "Thank you" to dads throughout the year.

Not only is a sock subscription the perfect surprise gift, but it's far cheaper than you think, the site's spokesman says, with socks costing as little as £1.97 per pair.

"Our socks the best value out there for the gent who dislikes or shopping for clothes," said Mark Hall of, "but they've got tons of other uses apart from wearing on your feet.

"Here's some of the top uses for our socks:"

* Wearing on feet

* Stylish black mittens

* Storing screws and nails in the shed

* Keeping potatoes in a cool, dark place

* Educational sock puppet show for the kids

* Balaclava for someone with a very small head

* Telling somebody who has terrible socks to get decent socks

* Looking better than other dads who got dreadful novelty socks on Fathers Day

Buying a subscription from Socked either for yourself or for a gift couldn't be simpler. Here's how it's done:

1. Make the simple yet life-changing decision: "Hmm, I need socks" / "Hmm, I have a friend or relative that would appreciate the gift of socks"

2. Visit, where you can buy all the socks you ever need (as long as they're black)

3. Decide how often you or your friend would like to receive socks. Monthly, quarterly, or every six months, or as a one-off purchase. Our socks are ready to leap into action when you are

3. Pay! Prices start from £1.97 per pair, and a subscription can be cancelled at any time. Gift vouchers are available if you can't decide for yourself

4. Tell your friends how much has changed your life (a lot)

4. While away the rest of your day reading our journal, featuring the best hints and tips on how to live your life like a gentleman or gentlewoman

Socked also offers an easy-to-operate affiliate programme so website owners can earn money through selling subscriptions. We also give substantial discounts to companies who offer subs as part of a reward scheme. Call or email us for more details.


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