Birth Injury Risks Highlighted by New York Times

A recent entry in The New York Times touches on several painpoints of vaginal birth -- the risks, often unspoken, involving what can go wrong.

From the article:

“Coverage of birth injuries are often buried under studies about the escalating rates of C-sections and the “too posh to push” women fueling them, as well as more “progressive” reports suggesting that if only women relaxed better, oiled better, breathed better, all births would be just grand.”

The author, Ashley Nelson, battles through graphic memories of forceps, vaginal tears and medical risk.

Birth injuries occur in roughly 6 to 8 children per 1,000 births. Risk factors include:

  • Infants of substantial weight
  • Instrumental delivery (forceps)
  • Large fetal head
  • Vaginal breech delivery
  • Abnormal or excessive traction during delivery

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