Boy with CP wins Homecoming King, Walks

A high school senior who was born with cerebral palsy recently surpised and delighted his classmates during a homecoming ceremony by walking in public for the first time before being named the school's homecoming king.

Hakam Daley was born with cerebral palsy and has lived in a number of foster homes throughout his life. During those years he was also relegated to a wheelchair, unable to walk on his own.

For the homecoming game at his school, Centennial High School in Florida, a group of Daley’s friends rallied to nominate him for homecoming king. Part of the nomination process included him lining up on the school’s football field to be announced before the winner was revealed, ABC News reported.

When Daley’s name was announced, he surprised everyone by standing up and walking for the first time in public. Making the moment even more special, after the nominees were all announced it was revealed that Daley had won and would be crowned homecoming king.

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