Cerebral Palsy Patient Undergoes Stem Cell Treatment

A boy who was born unable to walk after being born with cerebral palsy has had a dramatic reversal in his disabilities and can now walk and run on his own after a recent experimental stem cell treatment that has so far been deemed a success.

According to CBS-TV’s Baltimore affiliate, Xander McKinley was was not eating or sleeping well following his birth, and could not even crawl by the time he reached the age of two. Following some tests, it was determined that he had been born with cerebral palsy an would likely be afflicted with these disabilities for the rest of his life.

However, using blood from Xander’s umbilical cord that had been stored following his birth, doctors proposed an experimental stem cell treatment that could potentiall. Xander underwent a stem cell transfusion that allowed the cells to repair his body.

Following the procedure, Xander’s disabilities have dropped off noticeably. Now six-years-old, he can climb fences, run, and play on swing sets – all activities he had previously been unable to do.

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