Child with CP Takes Snap at Football Game

There’s an inspiring story this week making its way around various media outlets, and even attracting the attention of the NFL, that involves a 17-year-old from Massachusetts who was born with cerebral palsy help to close out his high school football team’s season at home.

Will Fahey is bound to a wheelchair because of his birth injury, but has hardly missed any of his Wellesley High School Raiders football games in the last six years. He became such a fixture at the team’s practices that the coach eventually allowed him to participate in the team practices as well.

That participation was taken to a new level recently at the beginning of the Raiders final home game of the season. The team arranged for Fahey to not only be participating with the team on game day, but also take the team’s first snap of the game.

It's my passion," Fahey said of his love for football. "My dad did it in high school. I follow my idols."

Fahey’s inspiring story has led to a lot of media attention. In addition to having his story featured on, he was also the focus of a story on CBS This Morning too. Check out the CBS story here.

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