Class Action against P&L Railway for Derailment

A class action lawsuit was filed in Kentucky’s Hardin County Circuit Court on behalf of people who were adversely affected by a recent railroad accident involving a train carrying dangerous chemicals.

WHAS11 reports that the suit was filed against P&L Railway, R.J. Corman, and ETEH, the company that gave permission for the use of torches that caused an explosion at the P&L Railway derailment site two days later. The train derailed last month near West Point in Kentucky.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of the residents and business owners of the area affected by the explosion claims that they had health issues and suffered financially as a consequence. It also alleges that the defendants were negligent in repairing decayed railroad ties and safely operating the rail cars. The suit charges the defendants with several counts of negligence and wrongdoing.

Although P&L compensated some victims, the lawyers filing the lawsuit say that the amount is not enough, according to WHAS11 report.

The lawsuit is seeking compensation to cover lost income, property damage, and legal costs.

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