Concerns Over Effectiveness of Tamiflu Persist

As the flu season looms, questions are being raised over the usefulness of Tamiflu after a prominent research group suggested that there is lack of proof on the effectiveness of the flu medication.

WebMD Medical News reports that the Cochrane Collaboration, which does an evidence-based analysis of medications, claims there is not enough evidence that Tamiflu works. Cochrane researchers and a top medical journal are asking that drug maker Roche release all the data from its clinical trials of Tamiflu – something the company has refused to do.

The data being requested is “patient-level data” that is collected from study participants in a clinical trial and the identifying information is removed. Roche has said that it held back the data to protect patient confidentiality, according to WebMD Medical News.

Both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization say the drug can be effective and the CDC states that the drug has been known to reduce symptoms and shorten the flu’s duration by a day or two if taken immediately at the onset of illness.

Governments around the world have reserves of the drug in the event of a global flu outbreak, writes WebMD Medical News.

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