George Clooney Helps Cerebral Palsy Actor

A 25-year-old man born with cerebral palsy who wants to become an actor in Hollywood may have just made his first big connection after meeting George Clooney at a recent Hollywood gala.

Cody La Scala is limited in his ability to speak and move, requiring him to be in a wheelchair at all times. While at the 26th Anniversary Carousel Of Hope Ball, a gala recently held in Beverly Hills,  he was lucky enough to meet Clooney, take a picture with him, and discuss the life of an actor, Radar Online reported.

“George was so touched. It was so cute. He hugged Cody and introduced him to Stacy [Keibler]," an eyewitness told the gossip website. "They chatted for a bit and George encouraged him to follow his dream, took down his number and promised to make some calls.”

In addition to getting a new connection in showbusiness, Cody also got some help from Clooney after he told the actor that he had always had a crush on former Baywatch star Carmen Electra, who was also at the event. Clooney reportedly had Electra come over to meet Cody and give him a kiss on the cheek.

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