More than 26,000 Complaints Ding Insurers in Missouri

The Missouri Department of Insurance announced that it has received more than 26,000 complaints about insurers and helped to recover $7.7 million for consumers over the past nine months.

The department received more than 10,000 written inquiries and over 16,000 phone calls from irate consumers regarding insurance companies during the period. Denials of insurance claims and processing delays were the most common consumer issues.

The greatest number of complaints by product involved health insurance, followed by auto and homeowner coverage, according to a department press release.

Among the department’s success stories was the case of a St. Louis man injured on the job in 2004 who suffered a brain injury. He filed a disability insurance claim and was denied by the insurance company for lack of sufficient information. However, the man filed a complaint with the Department of Insurance. The department was able to secure $66,530 in back payments and an ongoing monthly benefit of $795.

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