Numerous Sports Head Injuries Reported in MA Schools

A survey conducted of 164 Massachusetts schools reveals that approximately 3,000 middle school or high school students received head injuries or concussions while playing sports during the last school year.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health reports 76 head injuries from Boston College High School, which had the greatest number of injuries sustained, according to Lexington High School followed with 69 head injuries.

Head injuries leading to concussions have become a major concern for school athletic programs due to the long-term effects they might have on a student’s health. If not reported or diagnosed early, a concussion can affect memory, language, and emotions. Playing sports is the leading cause of these injuries, particularly football and girls’ soccer.

Due to the growing awareness regarding these injuries, the government has enacted laws to protect students from such dangers. The laws require the schools to train students, the staff, and the parents on the steps of recognizing ad reporting head injuries. The laws also mandate a fitness clearance before an injured student or athlete can get back to sports.

However, there remain misunderstandings over the reporting requirements, leading to great variations how injuries are reported. Also, a cause of concern is underreporting concussions because the students either do not recognize the problem or do not understand the seriousness of it.

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