Nursing Home Case Ends After 21 Years

A 21-year legal battle waged by thousands of sick, poor, and elderly nursing home residents in New York State has ended.

Last month saw the closing of the last chapter of a class-action suit in which the victims won an $11 million settlement from New York State over allegations the state duped them into paying twice for the same nursing home services as part of an illegal double-billing scheme designed to overcharge Medicaid and Medicare, according to the Buffalo News.

The lawsuit, Conrad v. Perales, was settled in 2006.  For the past six years, the families of the plaintiffs – many of whom are dead – were traced by the court in order for them to receive their portion of the settlement. U.S. District Judge John T. Curtin closed the case after all victims or their families were paid the compensation they deserved, according to the Buffalo News.

The state never admitted to any wrongdoing in connection with the case. The 1991 lawsuit alleged that around 16,000 nursing home residents were cheated out of insurance co-payments, deductibles, and other costs as a result of the scheme, reports the Buffalo News.

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