Nursing Homes Responsible for Safety During Emergencies

As the northeast recovers from its second serious storm in as many weeks, it is worth remembering that nursing homes have a responsibility to make sure that their patients are safe and can be properly cared for during natural disasters.

In preparation for a nor’easter that was bearing down on New York City this week, three nursing homes and one adult care center in the coastal Rockaways community decided to evacuate hundreds of residents to a safer area. Only one week earlier, no evacuations were ordered when the same area was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy.

Approximately 620 people in the four facilities were evacuated, according to The Associated Press.

When a natural disaster is threatening an area, it is the responsibility of any nursing homes in the path of the storm to take the proper precautions so its residents remain safe. If a nursing home patient is not properly protected or attended to during a storm and is harmed as a result, there may be legal grounds for that patient and their family to pursue a nursing home negligence lawsuit.

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