Pfizer Appeals CEO Appearance at Chantix Trial

A U.S. district judge’s order that Pfizer’s CEO and two other company executives should testify in person during a Chantix trial at a federal court in Alabama is under appeal by the drugmaker.

Bloomberg reports the Chantix lawsuit filed by the family of a Minnesota man who killed himself after taking the anti-smoking drug is the first of more than 2,500 cases pending in federal court in Alabama. 

The lawsuits allege that Pfizer knew of a link between Chantix and suicide and still failed to sufficiently warn patients. U.S. District Judge Inge Johnson had ordered Pfizer CEO Ian Read and two other company executives to testify at next week’s trial, according to Bloomberg.

According to Pfizer’s appeal, civil procedure “prohibits service of subpoenas more than 100 miles from the courthouse and there is absolutely no overriding need for live testimony in this case.” The company says its witnesses have already provided hours of deposition testimony.

Pfizer disputes that Chantix was the cause of the Minnesota man’s suicide or that information about the drug was withheld from consumers, writes Bloomberg.

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