Smartphones Appear on Health Technology Hazard List

“Smartphone distraction” by health care workers emerged as number nine on a list of the 10 top health technology hazards.

The first-time mention of smartphones on the health technology hazards list issued by the ECRI Institute highlights the recent rise in the number of users -- and a rise in the number of related problems in a health care setting, according to Medcity News.

Clinical teams have benefited from the smartphones and other devices that put information at their fingertips. But the ability to immediately address work-related concerns or conduct personal business on such devices means that in critical and emergency medical situations, such distractions are bound to be risky.

The report suggests that since smartphone-related distractions and errors are on the rise, best practices for its use in a health care setting need to be developed, writes Medcity News.

The other potential health technology hazards on the list include radiation dosages and infusion-pump-related medical errors, reports Medcity News.

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