Texas Brine Co. Sued Over Radioactive Sinkhole

Louisiana residents have filed a class action lawsuit against Texas Brine Co. claiming that a possibly radioactive sinkhole swallowed an acre of cypress trees and forced 150 home evacuations.

Lisa LeBlanc alleges the company was using a salt cavern to store radioactive byproducts from its drilling. The plaintiffs claim that Texas Brine knew the cavern walls were responsible to breach as early as January 2011, but failed to inform the public, according to Courthouse News.

“The public was not warned in January 2011 or any time thereafter or prior of the potential danger resulting from the failure of this cavern and the general public had no knowledge of the storage of the radioactive material in the cavern,” the lawsuit said.

The class seeks compensatory, statutory, and punitive damages, as well as medical monitoring, according to Courthouse News.

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