The Top 10 Nursing Home Violations

A new online tool offers an easy way to access detailed historical information regarding nursing home violations during the last three years.

Nursing Home Inspect is an app created by ProPublica that uses data compiled by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. More than a quarter-million nursing home violations have been identified by government regulators over the past three years.

Nursing homes are inspected on a yearly basis and also whenever there is a complaint. They are then rated according to the number of problems found on a scale of A to L, where L is the most severe. The majority of the nursing homes are rated D or E.

According to ProPublica, of the 262,500 problems listed on the database, the 10 most commonly violated regulations are:

• Facility free from accidental hazards: 17,331

• Facility has an infection control program: 14,186

• Facility provides proper care for patient’s well-being: 13,401

• Facility maintains sanitary conditions while preparing and distributing food: 11,746

• Facility has comprehensive care plans: 9,070

• Facility’s services meet professional standards: 8,986

• Facility’s records meet professional standards: 7,962

• Facility does not employ persons guilty of abuse: 7,288

• Drug routine is free from redundant drugs: 7,040

• Facility maintains dignity of patients: 6,605

The ProPublica tool has made it easier for users to spot trends or problems while sifting through reports about the quality of nursing homes.

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