Wrongful Death Lawsuit from Air Show Starts in 2013

wrongful death lawsuit five years in the making is set to begin in 2013.

The suit, filed in the wake of the 2008 Huntsville, Alabama Air Show where a 5-year-old was killed, is set for trial in February. Authorities there are arguing the case should be dismissed.

A hearing will take place in January to determine if the employees involved are immune from claims involving their official duties. The two employees involved say they should not be held liable.

The child was killed by an air conditioner after a sudden storm during an airshow. A sudden burst of wind lifted tents off the ground, which caused the air conditioner to fall. The lawsuit bases its argument on who installed the tents and the procedures they used in doing so. The two employees say they did not take part in tent installation.

Two other claims from people who had family members injured that day have been filed.

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