New music study will help sell GANT’s clothes

Stockholm, 5thof November 2015

GANT has recently performed a study together with Soundtrack Your Brand that shows that the right music, played at the right place and at the right time, enhances the in-store customer experience. The study was conducted in one of GANT’s stores and clearly shows that the correct choice of background music increases both sales, customer satisfaction and provides a stronger brand impression.

Now, GANT has signed an international agreement with Soundtrack Your Brand to implement its music solution in GANT’s stores globally.

"We were positively surprised by the study's findings and we are convinced that there is an untapped potential in using music in a more professional manner to strengthen the customer experience and thereby the brand," says Caroline Roth, Global Marketing & Communications Director GANT.

The report concludes with statistical certainty that background music which matches the customers’ brand image gives a marked increase in sales.

“We are currently experiencing strong growth, much driven by the insights from many companies that a holistic approach to their in-store experience includes the right music. GANT shares our belief that a large part of the customer’s in-store experience is based on what music is playing. Several studies show that it strengthens the brand and drives sales, which is now getting established among several well-known lifestyle brands. We are very proud that GANT as a global brand has chosen to cooperate with us,” says Ola Sars, CEO and founder Soundtrack Your Brand.

Spotify Business is a music streaming service that enables companies to access the power of music to build their brands. By using this music solution, GANT has created a music profile in accordance to the re-launch of the lifestyle brand that took place on September 3rdearlier this year. As a first step, GANT will roll out the music profile in Sweden, Norway and Finland, and thereafter continue to enhance the music experience in over 750 GANT stores in 70 countries, including the UK, France and US.

For more information about GANT:

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For more information about Soundtrack Your Brand:

Oscar Karlsson

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About GANT

GANT is an original in American Sportswear with a European sophistication, offering contemporary high quality lifestyle clothes for men, women and kids. In addition, watches, footwear, eyewear, underwear and home furnishings are licensed under the GANT brand. The company’s passionate values are based on its authentic and innovative Ivy League American East Coast heritage, dating back to its inception in New Haven, CT, USA in 1949. Since then the brand has been further developed with a European sophistication and today enjoys a global presence in over 70 countries with over 750 stores and 4000 selected retailers.

About Soundtrack Your Brand

Soundtrack Your Brand provides of a complete business-to-business music streaming solution, which includes the Spotify Business™ offering and enables both enterprise and smaller business customers to access the power of music to build their brands. This solution is scalable from large, multi-site enterprises to smaller, single-site businesses. Combining content planning, marketing, online and data management tools, a simple payment model, and supported by the massive Spotify catalogue of over 30 million tracks, Soundtrack Your Brand’s solution is the worry-free way to connect brands with fans to build business.

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