SouthWest Germany: What's on in 2019

Fairytale palaces, modernist classics and a cool new hotel


This year is the centenary of the Bauhaus, the design movement that changed the way we live. With fine examples of Bauhaus architecture and urban planning, both Stuttgart and Karlsruhe are “must see” destinations. But 2019 brings even more reasons to visit SouthWest Germany, the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Europa-Park, voted the world’s best theme park, has exciting new attractions and accommodation. SouthWest Germany’s Castles & Gardens heritage organisation’s extensive programme of events is themed on relations over the centuries with next-door France. And with direct flights from the UK to Stuttgart, getting to SouthWest Germany couldn’t be easier. 

Stuttgart: Celebrating the Bauhaus
The Bauhaus was born 100 years ago, and nowhere embraced this revolutionary design movement more enthusiastically than Stuttgart. A major example of the new architecture is the Weissenhof Estate with its innovative urban planning. At this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can tour the Weissenhof Museum, set in a Le Corbusier-designed house. In the outstanding Kunstmuseum, the city’s art museum, the Bauhaus theme continues with works by Adolf Hölzel, who influenced Bauhaus pupils, such as Johannes Itten and Willi Baumeister.

Karlsruhe: More Bauhaus, more pioneering
In Karlsruhe, 90 minutes west of Stuttgart, the Dammerstock Estate is a ground-breaking example of Bauhaus architecture – and the movement’s revolutionary philosophy that helped to change the way we live today. In 1929, Bauhaus founder, Walter Gropius, planned the buildings and also ensured that the flats were affordable for ordinary people. Recently renovated, the Dammerstock Estate is now a living reminder of Bauhaus. Learn more on a walking tour; afterwards, eat at the cool Bauhaus-designed Erasmus restaurant.

SouthWest Germany's Palaces & Gardens: The Franco German relationship
This year, SouthWest Germany’s Palaces & Gardens heritage organisation explores the long relationship between SouthWest Germany and neighbouring France. “Fairly good friends” is the theme of the wide-ranging programme of special festivals, tours, markets and family-oriented activities. Subtitled “With sword, charm, and esprit”, the theme reflects the generations of cross-border links through war, marriage and more. Clients can attend events at 14 historic sites, from Heidelberg’s romantic palace to Maulbronn Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Europa-Park: From Europe into Space
At Europa-Park, Germany’s largest theme park, there is always something new. The Dome of Dreams is showing “Mission Astronaut”, a 360-degree film that takes clients on a space travel adventure. The colourful Scandinavian-themed area that includes culinary and shopping offers will open during the season; in the Dutch area, children can have fun in the Europa-Park JUNIOR CLUB Studio (opening this summer). The brand-new Krønasår - The Museum-Hotel has a natural history theme, Scandinavian-inspired restaurants and 276 themed rooms and 28 suites (opening May 31).

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